Suvilahti Guggenheim

We are building a DIY Sculpture Gallery….sculpture2.jpg … a new kind of sculpture gallery into Suvilahti skatepark. You can bring your own ready made works or build new ones on site in Suvilahti. Artwork genre, materials and techniques without borders, but the focus is on recycled stuff and scraps. Since our tools and equipment are limited, it’s preferred to bring your own tools and materials. We will help you to attach the works firmly on the park. Electricity available on the dates annonced. Works are temporary, graffiti-like by nature and might end up as a part of some other work – so no insurances for scuptures!

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It was the time for 4th Avantgarde Obscura happening, this time transferred from Lapinlahti ex-mental hospital to Oranssifest. This time it was warm combination of performance and experimental music. Here are some fotos and videos of the occasion. Thanks for performers, audience and partakers!

Suva & Errortic Dancer, sound and body motion collaboration.

Purgatori -exhibition 5.11-26.11.2017


I will be holding solo exhibition in Oksasenkatu 11 -gallery 5.11-26.11.2017. Opening hours thu-fri 15-19 and sat-sun 12-18. Vernissage on 4th of November starting at 19 o’clock. Welcome!

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fin. purkka = chewing gum, tori = square, purgatorium = purgatory. Roman catholic doctrine of making cash through indulgences from the prayers behalf of souls suffering in purgatory.

Chewing gum. Most obvious trash and shapeless form. It’s foodstuff, that doesn’t end up neither to digestive system nor trash bin. This material is trapped between natural life and death, under our boot sole. Gum decorates our walkaways and squares, you can feel gum under the diner table with your fingertips. Most of us pray that gum will promptly find its way to landfill.

In this exhibition the artist has been examining the existence of purgatorial chewing gum.

*** SUOMEKSI ***


lat. Purgatorium = kiirastuli. Katolisen kirkon kehittelemä rahankeräysoppi, jossa elossa olevat maksavat aneita ja rukoilevat kiirastulessa kärvistelevien sielujen taivaaseen pääsyn puolesta.

Purkka. Kliseisin roska. Muodottomin muoto. Elintarvike, joka tuskin koskaan kulkeutuu ruuansulatukseen ja harvemmin päätyy roskakoriin. Purkka koristaa katuja ja pulpetinpohjia. Purkka lojuu koeteltuna ja tallottuna pitkitetyssä välitilassa ennen lopullista substanssien kiertoon yhtymistään. Monet rukoilevat että purkka päätyy nopeasti kaatopaikalle.

Näyttelyssä taiteilija on tutkinut välitilassa olevan purkan olevaisuutta.