Avantgardevekkula #6 in Haihatus opening on 12th of June!

I’m extremely happy to announce yet another Avantgardevekkula is taking place in Arts enter Haihatus from 12th of June until 29th of August. The theme of the show is this year is “Burning Desire“. The exhibition is reflecting through artworks humane requirements, that cause varying effects in our daily life on planet Earth. More info will be available on http://www.haihatus.fi.

“Paratiisin linnut” -group exhibition in Galleria Rankka 20.3. – 9.5. 2021. Thu-Sun 13-18.

Im partiticipating in an awesome group show in Helsinki that’s already started. In the picture is the new wind generating and operating performative sculpture “Sisältäni portin löysin rantein löysin” which translates somewhat : “Found a gate inside of me, easily”. In the exhibition pile of spectacular works from Teuri Haarla, Minja Laakso, Panu Ollikainen, Heli Ryhänen and plenty of others… Go before the curfew! Yours Truly, Tunkki.

Avantgardevekkula #5 “Utopialabra” in Oranssi

Thanks all for the latest group show in Suvilahti! Here are some snapshots from the exhibition. Check out also event on FB-happening.****Much love, Tunkki.****

Haihatus Summer Exhibition 2020

The summer exhibition of Haihatus Arts residency in Central Finland, this year is AVANTGARDEVEKKULA! I’m super happy to announce, that I will be curating the show. But now, unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the date of the opening remains unsettled. We will operate acccording to official recommendations. However, hopefully we will have the opening: there is vast amount of super art upcoming on site! Visit Haihatus site for more info (finnish).


Studio Ragnile 21.4.- 3.5.2020

Im happy to inform, that my Studio Ragnile -exhibition is online from 21th of April until 3rd of May @ Facebook and through Youtube channel. Welcome all! -Tuomo


Ragnile exhibition consists of three divisions: Bisnonna is a kinetic sculpture – the ancient origin of all weaving. Whilst constructing it, I have caught  the forms and the abstract ideas for the actual Ragnile -sculptures. The third part is a video, which scrutinises sculpture as an form of art, merchandise and an object in our environment.

My studio is situated in an concrete cellar where my colleagues are mainly spiders. They are trying try to hang on to the world by knitting theis nets in some might say pretty hostile environment. In this way they are adapting to the situation and perceive their reality and hopefully sometimes manage to catch a fruitfly got lost in the basement. As a comparison, an artist is using her hands, knowledge and expertise, when commencing glueing, welding and sewing together seemingly incompactible elements of the piece of art. In this way, with any luck, the net of new consciousness might catch perhaps suprising intepretations of surrounding reality.

In this solo exhibition, I use a spider and it’s knitting labour as a metaphor for my artistic creative process. I have a strong sensation that using hands creatively expands greatly the probability of inventing a out of the box, surprising solution for respective dilemma.

I hereby claim, that handicraft is expanding the cosciousness.

As basic material for my Mixed Waste Method, I exploit reclaimed junk. In this particular exhibition, the nuclear parts are three sets of dining chairs. These sets I have already used for installations and also as funtional construction in my garden. The process got started immediately as I saw the furniture thrown away, I was inspired in a way of building own hut as a little boy. Apparently the repeating forms and architectural mood were tickling my aesthetic instinct, and the temporary finishing line for this process is accomplished in this exhibition: Ragnile.