KITA OPEN 6.-7.8. @kitagalleria

Teemu Siika (Helsinki) * Justyna Koeke (Poland/Germany) * Tomasz Szrama (Poland/Finland) * Antti Viitala (Oulu) * Hojutron (Joutsa) * Mimosa Pale (Joutsa)

KITA OPEN multi-art picnic celebrates the beginning of the new gallery by inviting art lovers from near and far to Joutsa. The event is an inclusive and free multi-arts event that takes place in KITA’s garden and at different locations in Joutsa village. Kalle and Pauliina Turakka Purhonen act as patrons of the open croquet tournament! The dress code for the event is “Wild treasures of the wardrobe”. The program includes performances and musical acts. The follow-up club of the picnic takes place at the Kellari restaurant in the center of Joutsa.

The list of performers is updated on Facebook – feel free to offer the program to! KITA OPEN also heats up the old renovated undeground sauna for picnic guests on Sunday! In the yard it is possible to grill, swim and enjoy the August weekend! The picnic starts on Saturday 6.7. at 15:00 and ends on Sunday at 17:00. The gallery is open as usual during the event.

Welcome to KITA OPEN!

KITA House of Kinetic Arts – PHOTOS

KITA is welcoming all to Central Finland Joutsa for asstounding gallery trip. Here’s a photo gallery of the works and artists. See Facebook or Haihatus website for more information. Yours, Tuomo.

Kita – The House of Kinetic Arts

Super happy & proud to announce the opening of Kita on 2nd of July in Joutsa -the town where I live & work in these days. The artists in the gallery’s opening exhibition are Kati Hyyppä, Jari Johannes, Antti Immonen, Mimosa Pale, Walerija Peter and Tuomo Vuoteenoma, last of whom being the artistic director of the house. The exhibition features kinetic sculptures, installations, graphics, sound and light art, and performances. The Exhibition is part of Haihatus summer exhibitions.

Ragnile in part of Haihatuksen kosketus -exhibition

I’m super happy in being part of group show with Annina Mannila, Panu Ollikainen and Benjamin Nozdrachev in OK11 -gallery in Helsinki. My works belong to the Ragnile universe and this is so far the biggest live show of this set of works. The exhibition is open until the 27th of March, wed-sun 12-18. The whole show is super inspiring collection of art from artist collaborating with Haihatus Art Center. Here is a collection of photos from the exhibition. Welcome! Chech out some more info from the FB-event.

Outcome of FINDE Tandems Kunstfest in Horb, Germany

It was really an honour to collaborate with Josef Nadj already in August, and it seems that our installation is continuing to perform still in Horb. Also at that weekend, we sa outstanding works and performances from Tomasz Szrama & Katrin Kinsler, Henna Nerg & Waleria Peter, Justyna Koeke & Kalle Turakka Purhonen and Pasi Mäkelä & Monica Golla among many others. The show was curated by Mimosa Pale. Hope to visit Horb again someday!

Avantgarde Obscura in Haihatus, 7.-8. of August

And so happened a Super Symposium Weekend a while ago in Haihatus. There was present a spicy multitude of arts. Huge props to everyone attending! The list of artistic performances was humongous, check it out: Drone Forrester, Liukkari (Sini Silveri), Põleva Kaelaga Kirjak, Varjo-Riitta, Only Bones (Thom Monckton), Milky Way, APROX., Riitta Tuli Kylään, The Three Dots, Pekka Merlin & Hippie Långstrump, Elatu Nessa, Prospero, Rokki-Mari, Jimi Tenor, Bodyshop and El Bailandero. I truly hope this is going to repeat next year… Love you all!